These words are in remembrance and dedication to the

love ones who touched my heart as I flew away:

My dad, who said to me, “Don’t waste your talent!”

My dearest friend, Lorraine Vanderpool-Montoya. Gone — but never forgotten.

My grandmother’s joyous laughter every time she saw me.

My grandfather, who always greeted me by saying, “Are you going to fly away bird?”

My brother Jerry’s cheerful smile always comforted me.

My aunt Joyce, who continues to be a divine force of encouragement in the midst of darkness,

My sister Sheila gingerly saying, “Why don’t you pursue the arts?”

My mother, who taught me the quintessence of elegant decorating and couture.

To my friends who embraced me and stood by me — through all that was seen and unseen.

And to God who made me!