Aurora Nova LLC understands the challenges our clients face in different environments. Our process addresses the importance of each created piece to meet our client’s unique needs. During this process, Aurora Nova collaborates with our clients to determine individual identity and messaging, focusing on existing and newly creative designs, and envision artwork both from an aesthetic and functional perspective.  Whether it’s a place to entertain guests; a place to conduct business; a contemporary house; or somewhere to enjoy time alone, Aurora Nova creates striking pieces that will fit your company’s mission and bring any individual visions to reality.


THE PROCESS:  Our process begins with a consultation. All the details about your project such as your desired style, color scheme, layout, and spacing in the area is required. This will allow Aurora to utilize and generate creative ideas and identify the elements and aesthetics the piece will need to fit perfectly and make a positive impact in your life. If you would are interested in requesting a commission service please click on the link below.