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         “Nests of Life”

        -Emma Byucks 

         Analyst for the State of Michigan



   ” Aurora Nova creates a certain ethereal strangeness in her work that at once makes the viewer feel

           disarmed with intrigue, and lulled into peace.

           The attention to detail is apparent in ever aspect,

            and her written work only deepens and accentuates the meaning of the art”


         – Chelsea Farrell, Artist




            “I see Middle Earth when I look at Beshert; I see how humans were in the Beginning,

               when purity of mind, soul, and body were literal aspects of our humanity.

         The gems are the connection to Earth that we had while

             the 5-point star connects us to God through His creation of our original home.

         Sometimes I forget that connection I have to Earth, to my God’s creation,

              His gift to His children, and Beshert is that reminder.”

  -Denise Acevedo,

        Professor at Michigan State University

      College of Arts & Letters